Diana Erazo-Sanchez

Diana is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Human Resources Management. She joined RU SHRM in the fall 2017 as project manager for the Finance team, and in the spring of 2018 she was project manager for the IT team until she was promoted to Vice President of IT. She received her Bachelors’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Gerontology from Montclair State University. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in 2015 Diana worked in the mental health field as a behavioral health counselor where she learned the negative effects that high turnover rates have on the organization, the clients, and the employees. Diana is interested in employee relations, compliance, ethics, diversity and inclusion and ensuring the workplace is an environment where employees feel valued. This past summer, Diana interned in Corning Inc, at their headquarters in Corning, NY; where she had the opportunity to experience the Center of Excellence (COE) in HR. Diana was the part of the Talent Acquisition team where she focused on diversity recruiting and strategies.

VP of Information Technology