Yue Li (Vicky)

Yue Li (Vicky) is currently a second year master student at Rutgers University, major in Human Resources Management. She joined RU SHRM last year as a project manager for IT team and now she is the Vice President of IT.

Vicky got her bachelor’s degree from University of Washington, majored in psychology. During her undergraduate years, she had three years’ experience as a human resource officer working for University of Washington student organization. She was engaged in the process of new officer recruitment, distributed duties according to the various strengths of team members, and implemented effectual ways of inspiring her teammates.After getting her bachelor’s degree, Vicky spent a year working as an event coordinator to fully engaged herself into the real world working experience. In October 2015, Vicky assisted in planning and organizing the 2015 Seattle Biz-Tech Summit, with more than 1000 attendees and 40 domestic/international companies such as Inspur, Huawei, and Microsoft.

This summer, Vicky did an internship in Audi China, as an intern management HR. This internship allowed her to gain experience in multiple areas of HR, which includes recruitment, training & development, payroll, consulting and employer branding. 

VP of IT